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  1. Tai Chi (band) - Wikipedia


    Tai Chi (太極) is a Hong Kong rock band formed in Hong Kong in 1985 by Patrick Lui (lead vocalist), Albert Lui (lead vocalist), Joey Tang (guitarist), Gary Tong (keyboardist), Ernest Lau (guitarist), Eddy Sing (bass guitarist and backing vocal), ...

  2. List of members of the Election Committee of Hong Kong, 2017–21 - Wikipedia


    This is the list of members of the Election Committee elected in the 2016 Election Committee subsector elections.It serves from 2017 to 2021 and is responsible for electing the Chief Executive of Hong Kong in the 2017 election.By March 2017, ...

  3. Wong Shun-leung - Wikipedia

    • Early Martial Arts Training
    • Martial Arts Accomplishments
    • Enter The Dragon
    • Game of Death

    Wong reportedly trained in several martial art styles in his youth, primarily in Tai Chi and either boxing or kickboxing. He abandoned boxing because of two incidents: one with his boxing coach and one with Ip Man. The first incident apparently occurred because Wong accidentally struck his boxing coach during sparring. The angry coach attacked in earnest, only to be eventually knocked out by Wong; the incident caused Wong to leave boxing.

    Beimo(比武) competitions supposedly had no rules, protective equipment, or time limits. As Wong recalled in an interview, "When I competed, it was in secret. We went into a room, and the door was shut and there were no rules. The government did not allow them. They were illegal, but we didn't care. We fought until the other guy was knocked out." Different kung fu schools met secretly with each other for challenge matches. Wong was said to have faced opponents from many disciplines—"virtually every style of martial art in the colony." Reportedly, Wong won most of these contests within a few punches. On 22 November 1957, the inaugural Taiwan–Hong Kong–Macau Open Chinese Kung Fu Competition (台港澳國術比賽) was held in Taiwan. Thirty-two competitors from Hong Kong and Macau formed a team and participated in this competition, but only two Hong Kong competitors scored a victory. Wong competed in his weight class and had a preliminary match with Wu Ming-jeet (吳明哲), a Taiwanese fighter known for hi...

    Some sources claim that Wong choreographed some fight scenes in Enter the Dragon (龍爭虎鬥), saying that "... when shooting Enter the Dragon in Hong Kong, he [Bruce Lee] invited Wong to come on location to discuss the fight scenes" and that "Wong in fact had been invited to choreograph some of the fight scenes in Enter the Dragon. The documentary Dragon since 1973 consists of interviews with various Hong Kong personalities, mostly those who worked with Lee in his Golden Harvest days. None of the interviewees, including Bee Chan (陳會毅; one of Lee's most trusted assistants), Shek Kin (石堅), and Chaplin Chang (張欽鵬), mentioned that Wong had been invited to work as a fight scene choreographer for Enter the Dragon.

    Wong received an invitation to appear in Game of Death (死亡遊戲), but declined. He was scheduled to attend a screen test on the set of Enter the Dragon after Bruce Lee had finished shooting the film and was working on dubbing. Lee returned to Hong Kong from his last trip to the United States of America in late May 1973. Thus, Wong would have attended the screen test sometime in June 1973. Wong recalled, "About two months before he (Bruce Lee) died he gave me a phone call ... After this he left Hong Kong to settle his film business. When he came back, he called me up and wanted me to participate in the making of Game of Death. He had also invited me to the studio to attend a screen test. I did not promise to act in the film, yet I still went to attend the screen test to please him."

  4. Eason Chan - Wikipedia

    • Early Life
    • Career
    • Charity Work
    • Personal Life
    • Awards and Recognition
    • Discography
    • Filmography

    Chan was born in Hong Kong on 27 July 1974. Chan went to England to study when he was 12. He attended St. Joseph's kindergarten and St. Joseph's College Primary School in Hong Kong, Dauntsey's School in Wiltshire, England and later Kingston University, studying architecture. He also trained in vocals at the Royal Academy of Music, where he received Grade-8 vocal certifications. Chan returned to Hong Kong before the completion of his degree to participate in the 1995 New Talent Singing Awards Competition, winning first place. Hong Kong-based record label Capital Artistssigned a contract with him, ending his future career as an architect while launching a career in music.

    Chan has won a number of Asian music awards. He is the second non-Taiwanese singer, after Jacky Cheung, to win Taiwan's Golden Melody Awards. He won "Best Male Singer" third, in 2003, 2015 and 2018, and "Best Album" twice. In 2003, 2009 and 2018. He also won Most Popular Male Singer in the Jade Solid Gold Best Ten Music Awards Presentation twice, in 2006 and 2007. He also won his first Asia Pacific's Most Popular Singer Award in 2007, and again in 2008. His album U87, named after his favorite microphone and released in 2005, was labeled by Time Magazine as one of the five best Asian albums. U87 was the top selling non-concert, non-collection category album in Hong Kong in 2005. He was Hong Kong's highest selling male artist in 2002, 2003 and 2007. He has been one of Hong Kong's top selling artists every year since 2000. His concert DVD Get a Lifewas the highest selling album of 2006. Chan has been praised by critics and fellow musicians alike as one of the top singers of his generat...

    Chan has been appointed as Orbis International's Sight Ambassador in Hong Kong since 2006. He has travelled to India and Sichuan, China, visiting kids and elders with visual impairment, to raise funds for Orbis. Eason has also been an active participant in Hong Kong's fundraising campaigns such as the 2003 fundraiser for SARS victims and the 2008 fundraiser for Sichuan earthquakevictims. On 7 July 2007 Eason performed at the Chinese leg of 'Live Earth'in Shanghai. In July 2020, Chan held the online charity concert, The Live Is So Much Better With Music Eason Chan Charity Concert, at the Hong Kong Coliseum in support of the Hong Kong Live Performance and Production Industry Association. Chan performed in an empty stadium due to the COVID-19 restrictions.

    In 2002, Chan suffered a severe groin injury when he fell off the stage during his concert in Taiwan. As a result, one of this testicles had to be surgically removed. He has since then fully recovered. In 2006 he married former actress Hilary Tsui (徐濠縈) with whom he has a daughter, Constance, b. 2004.In 2012, there was rumour about their marriage is on the rocks due to Tsui's drug scandal. The couple had to hold a press conference to deny all rumours and allegations. In 2013, Chan revealed he had suffered from bipolar disorder and phobia of large crowds during the 11th night of his "Life Concert 2013". In 2020,Chan has been appointed as the "Shall We Talk" initiative's ambassador to promote mental healthand arouse public attention to mental well-being. His classic Canto-pop song, "Shall We Talk", has been chosen as the theme song.

    Since his debut, Chan has won awards including nine "Supreme Grand Prix du Disque"; six "Grand Songs Awards" for "K Song King" (2000), "Magnificent Sunset" (2005), "Seven Hundred Years Later" (2009), "Flavors" (2012), "The Wind Took" (2013) and "Unconditional" (2015); "Male Singer Gold" and "Best Male Singer". He has won a number of Top Ten Golden Melody awards, Male Singer of the Year awards and Album Of The Year awards. In 1998, the songs "My Happy Times" and "Odyssey", gave a boost to Chan's career. In subsequent years, "God Bless Sweetheart", "Shall We Dance? Shall We Talk!" and songs brought Chan a number of awards. In 2004, Chan's career was troubled by contractual issues. When Chan changed to Cinepoly in 2005, songs such as "U87" and "Magnificent Sunset" brought further awards. In 2006 and 2007, the songs "Crazy", "Mount Fuji" and "Crying in the Party" were award-winning. In 2008, the song "The road has been in ..." increased Chan's audience and won awards. In 2009, the album...

    Studio Album

    1. Eason Chan 陳奕迅 (Cantonese, 1996) 2. Tear 一滴眼淚 (Mandarin, 1996) 3. Always With Me 與我常在 (Cantonese, 1997) 4. Preparation 醞釀 (Mandarin, 1997) 5. My Happy Time 我的快樂時代 (Cantonese, 1998) 6. New Life 新生活 (Cantonese, 1998) 7. God Bless Lover 天佑愛人 (Cantonese, 1999) 8. Wedding Blessing 婚禮的祝福 (Mandarin, 1999) 9. Happiness 幸福 (Cantonese, 1999) 10. Nothing Really Matters (Cantonese, 2000) 11. Some Like it Hot 打得火熱 (Cantonese, 2000) 12. 68'29' (Cantonese, 2000) 13. Shall We Dance? Shall We Talk! (Canton...

    Songs written by Eason Chan

    1. 時代曲 (with 江港生) (from the album 陳奕迅) 2. 那一夜有沒有說 (from the album 與我常在) 3. 反高潮 (from the album 我的快樂時代) 4. 同聲一哭 (duet with Anita Mui) (from the album I'm So Happyof Anita Mui) 5. 你會不會 (from the album Special Thanks To...) 6. 給蕭邦寫過的歌 (sung by Sammi Cheng) (from the album 愛是... of Sammi Cheng) 7. PG家長指引 (sung by Edmond Leung) (from the album PG家長指引 of Edmond Leung) 8. 呼吸困難 (sung by Edmond Leung) (from the album Music Is The Answerof Edmond Leung) 9. 下週同樣時間 (再見)(from the album 打得火熱) 10. 溫室效應 (fro...

    Eason Chan is a notable actor who has starred in multiple box office hits. Chan started to act in films in 1997. He has starred or co-starred in over 20 films so far. He was nominated for Best Supporting Actor by Hong Kong's Golden Film Awards in 2000 for his role in Lavender. In 2005, he was nominated for Best Actor by Hong Kong's Golden Bauhinia Awards for his work in Crazy N' The City. In 2008, he was nominated for Best Supporting Actor by Taiwan's Golden Horse Awards for his work in Trivial Matters. In 2010, Eason Chan participated in the love comedy film "Love in Space" with Aaron Kwok, Kwai Lun Mei and René Liu.In 2011, Eason Chan participated in the love film "Mr And Mrs Single" with Michelle Bai, they played a couple who met again after divorce, found themselves and remarried. He voiced Po in the Cantonese version of Kungfu Pandain 2015. Besides that, he also starred in musical dramas "Office" with Chow Yun Fat, which was directed by Johnny To. In 2016, he played Ma Li in th...

  5. Leung Che-cheung - Wikipedia


    Leung Che-cheung, SBS, MH, JP (Chinese: 梁志祥) (born 3 December 1957 in Hong Kong) is a member of Hong Kong Legislative Council (Geographical constituency New Territories West) and the former Chairman of the Yuen Long District Council for Tin ...

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  7. The Voice (Hong Kong TV series) - Wikipedia

    • Format
    • Season 1
    • Season 2
    • Season 3
    • See Also

    Contestants sing one song per round of competition, which depending on the length, will be broadcast within one or two episodes. After their individual performances, a panel of judges (between four and six, depending on the round) will critique and score each contestant. During the first half of the season, the scoring structure is on a five-point scale, with the final score being the sum of the judges total. As for the latter half of the season, each judge can award up to 100 points, with the final score being the average of the judges' scores. Depending on the round of competition, contestants are eliminated based on one of three pre-set criteria: 1. Having a set number of the lowest scoring contestants (usually between two and four) eliminated; 2. Having a minimum score threshold where a contestant must achieve in order to survive the round; 3. In dual rounds, contestants that score lower than their challengers are eliminated. If two contestants are battling against each other, t...

    An open audition call selects 100 contestants to enter the preliminaries of the show, which is broadcast in the first episode of the program. From there, the six judges responsible for the preliminaries each select five contestants as the final 30 to be on the show. At the halfway point of the season, contestants eliminated during the first half had an opportunity to re-join the competition in what is called "The Resurrection Battle". During this round, the four highest scoring contestants are re-instated in the competition.

    The show went through a makeover for season 2. The major difference being the open audition call now selects twenty contestants, cancelling the preliminary round of 100 competitors. The season premiere began with these twenty contestants. Also, no Resurrection Battle took place this season.

    Season 3 saw some minor changes in the rules and regulations. An age restriction was added limiting applicants to between the ages of 15 and 30. Also, vocal group entries of up to eight people are now allowed to compete. The season premiere was aired on August 14, 2011 and began with 18 contestants.

  8. Caritas Medical Centre - Wikipedia

    • History
    • Services
    • Specialties
    • Controversies
    • Recent Development

    Caritas Medical Centre was founded by Caritas Hong Kong and opened by the Hong Kong Governor, David Trench, on 17 December 1964. The centre is now an acute general hospital with 1,206 beds situated in Shamshuipo. It provides a full range of acute and rehabilitation care, ambulatory and community medical services, including a 24-hour accident and emergency service, general outpatient service, and inpatient and outpatient specialist services in a one-stop setting – so-called single episode care. The hospital maintains close ties with its parent organisation, Caritas Hong Kong, and a strong Catholic cultureunder the motto "Love in the Service of Hope".

    The hospital has well-developed supporting services, including Pathology, Radiology, Anaesthesiology and Allied Health services. Other ambulatory and outreach community services include Geriatric day hospitaland Community Geriatric Assessment Team, Community Nursing service, and Palliative Home Care service. The services provided reflect the needs of the population served - ageing, low income, new immigrants. Caritas Medical Centre is the referral centre of the Kowloon West Cluster of the Hospital Authority in ophthalmology service serving the entire Kowloon west region. Caritas Medical Centre ophthalmology team provides ophthalmic support to Kwong Wah Hospital (KWH), although it is now hospital of Kowloon Central Cluster. The Orthopaedic Rehabilitation Service for Kowloon West Cluster is also based at Caritas Medical Centre. Despite it is now an acute general hospital, it does not provides obstetric service (gynaecology service only). The Palliative Care Unit (inpatient and home ca...

    Acute and Rehabilitative Medicine and Geriatrics
    Acute and Rehabilitative Orthopaedics and Traumatology
    Coronary Care

    The hospital has been involved in serious governance issues. In 2008, a man suffered a heart attack outside the hospital. His son ran for help from a hospital receptionist, but she told him to dial 999. After a lengthy delay in getting the man to the accident and emergency department, he was pronounced dead.The Hospital Authority subsequently reprimanded senior management of the hospital and ordered them to improve staff training and develop a plan to improve staff responsiveness. On 10 June 2010, the hospital discovered that a computer disc containing the personal information of more than 3,000 eye patients had been stolen from a locked room.The theft was not publicly announced for more than a week.

    To meet increasing demand, Caritas Medical Centre recently underwent a major redevelopment project. Phase I, completed in 2002, comprised a new 14-storey building, called the Wai Shun Block, which accommodates all acute services. The second phase of the redevelopment project was approved by the Legislative Council in 2007. It comprised a redeveloped ambulatory and rehabilitation building, the Wai Ming Block, which topped-out in 2013.The Wai Tak, Wai On, and Wai Yan Blocks were demolished to make way for a new rehabilitation garden. The project was completed in 2015 and officially opened in 2016.

  9. Bruce Lee - Wikipedia


    Bruce Lee was born on November 27, 1940, at the Chinese Hospital in Chinatown, San Francisco.According to the Chinese zodiac, Lee was born in both the hour and the year of the Dragon, which according to tradition is a strong and fortuitous omen. ...

  10. New Territories East (1998 constituency) - Wikipedia


    ... in the Legislative Council of Hong Kong. It was established in 1998 for the first SAR Legislative Council election and was abolished under the 2021 overhaul of the Hong Kong electoral system. It encompassed Sha Tin District, Tai Po District ...

  11. Ronny Tong - Wikipedia


    Ronny Tong Ka-wah, SC (Chinese: 湯家驊; born 28 August 1950 in Hong Kong) is a Hong Kong Senior Counsel and politician. He is a current non-official member of the Executive Council of Hong Kong.He co-founded the Civic Party and was a member of ...

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