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  1. Jersey - Wikipedia

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    Jersey history is influenced by its strategic location between the northern coast of France and the southern coast of England; the island's recorded history extends over a thousand years. La Cotte de St Brelade is a Palaeolithic site ...

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    澤西行政區(英語: Bailiwick of Jersey ),通称澤西(Jersey),又譯澤爾西 [3],是英國王室的一个皇家属地,位於诺曼底半岛外海20公里處的海面上,是英吉利海峽靠近法國海岸線的海峽群島的一部分。 澤西行政區由澤西島和周邊兩座無人島群——曼基耶(Minquiers) ...

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  3. Where is Jersey UK? A Channel island you should visit!

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    Jersey can be located in the Bay of St Malo, in the English Channel, not too far off the coast of Normandy in France (14 miles) and getting here couldn’t be easier. Its neighbour Guernsey is just 27 miles away, making up part of the Channel Isla ...

  4. 英屬澤西島簡介(Jersey Island) | KEN 的英倫記憶

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    30/8/2008 · 也算是託某個洗錢家族違法亂紀的福,許多平時略顯缺乏國際觀的台灣人最近增進了些世界地理常識,開始能琅琅上口一些連地球儀上都找不到的地名,例如這個離英國本土不算太遠,但是離台灣足足有一萬公里的英屬澤西島(Jersey Island 或 Channel Island of Jersey)。 ...

  5. Jersey is the largest and southernmost of the Channel Islands. Jersey from Mapcarta, the open map.

  6. Jersey | island, Channel Islands, English Channel | Britannica

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    24/11/2021 · Jersey, British crown dependency and island, the largest and southernmost of the Channel Islands, lying south of England’s coast and 12 miles (19 km) west of the Cotentin peninsula of France. Its capital, St. Helier, is 100 miles (160 km) south ...

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    The two major islands are Jersey and Guernsey. They make up 99% of the population and 92% of the area.


    The earliest evidence of human occupation of the Channel Islands has been dated to 250,000 years ago when they were attached to the landmass of continental Europe. The islands became detached by rising sea levels in the Neolithic period. The numerous dolmens and other archaeological sites extant and recorded in history demonstrate the existence of a population large enough and organised enough to undertake constructions of considerable size and sophistication, such as the burial mound at La H...

    From the Iron Age

    Hoards of Armorican coins have been excavated, providing evidence of trade and contact in the Iron Age period. Evidence for Roman settlement is sparse, although evidently the islands were visited by Roman officials and traders. The Roman name for the Channel Islands was I. Lenuri (Lenur Islands) and is included in the Peutinger Table:4 The traditional Latin names used for the islands (Caesarea for Jersey, Sarnia for Guernsey, Riduna for Alderney) derive (possibly mistakenly) from the Antonine...

    From the Duchy of Normandy

    In 933, the islands were granted to William I Longsword by Raoul King of Western Francia and annexed to the Duchy of Normandy. In 1066, William II of Normandy invaded and conquered England, becoming William I of England, also known as William the Conqueror. In the period 1204–1214, King John lost the Angevin lands in northern France, including mainland Normandy, to King Philip II of France, but managed to retain control of the Channel Islands. In 1259, his successor, Henry III of England, by...

    Flag of Jersey
    Flag of Guernsey
    Flag of Alderney
    Flag of Sark

    The Channel Islands fall into two separate self-governing bailiwicks, the Bailiwick of Guernsey and the Bailiwick of Jersey. Both are British Crown dependencies, and neither is a part of the United Kingdom. They have been parts of the Duchy of Normandy since the tenth century, and Queen Elizabeth II is often referred to by her traditional and conventional title of Duke of Normandy. However, pursuant to the Treaty of Paris (1259), she governs in her right as The Queen (the "Crown in right of Jersey", and the "Crown in right of the république of the Bailiwick of Guernsey"), and not as the Duke. This notwithstanding, it is a matter of local pride for monarchists to treat the situation otherwise: the Loyal toastat formal dinners is to 'The Queen, our Duke', rather than to 'Her Majesty, The Queen' as in the UK. A bailiwick is a territory administered by a bailiff. Although the words derive from a common root ('bail' = 'to give charge of') there is a vast difference between the meanings o...

    Tourism is still important. However, Jersey and Guernsey have, since the 1960s, become major offshore financial centres. Historically Guernsey's horticultural and greenhouse activities have been more significant than in Jersey, and Guernsey has maintained light industryas a higher proportion of its economy than Jersey. In Jersey, potatoes are an important export crop, shipped mostly to the UK. Jersey is heavily reliant on financial services, with 39.4% of Gross Value Added (GVA) in 2018 contributed by the sector. Rental income comes second at 15.1% with other business activities at 11.2%. Tourism 4.5% with agriculture contributing just 1.2% and manufacturing even lower at 1.1%. GVA has fluctuated between £4.5 and £5 billion for 20 years. Jersey has had a steadily rising population, increasing from below 90,000 in 2000 to over 105,000 in 2018 which combined with a flat GVA has resulted in GVA per head of population falling from £57,000 to £44,000 per person. Guernsey had a GDP of £3....


    Since 1969, Jersey and Guernsey have operated postal administrations independently of the UK's Royal Mail, with their own postage stamps, which can be used for postage only in their respective Bailiwicks. UK stamps are no longer valid, but mail to the islands, and to the Isle of Man, is charged at UK inland rates. It was not until the early 1990s that the islands joined the UK's postcodesystem, Jersey postcodes using the initials JE and Guernsey GY.


    Regional television and radio broadcasts are available in the islands. These services are provided by BBC Radio Jersey, BBC Radio Guernsey, BBC Channel Islands, ITV Channel Television, Island FM, and Channel 103. Jubilee Hospital Radio provided Guernsey hospitals with a radio service, Radio Lions serves Jersey hospitals. Bailiwick Radio broadcasts two music services online, through Apple & Android apps and on TuneIn. Television programmes are broadcast from the Frémont Point transmitting stat...


    Jersey always operated its own telephone services independently of Britain's national system, Guernsey established its own telephone service in 1968. Both islands still form part of the British telephone numbering plan, but Ofcomon the mainlines does not have responsibility for telecommunications regulatory and licensing issues on the islands. It is responsible for wireless telegraphy licensing throughout the islands, and by agreement, for broadcasting regulation in the two large islands only...

    The Norman language predominated in the islands until the nineteenth century, when increasing influence from English-speaking settlers and easier transport links led to Anglicisation. There are four main dialects/languages of Norman in the islands, Auregnais (Alderney, extinct in late twentieth century), Dgèrnésiais (Guernsey), Jèrriais (Jersey) and Sercquiais(Sark, an offshoot of Jèrriais). Victor Hugo spent many years in exile, first in Jersey and then in Guernsey, where he finished Les Misérables. Guernsey is the setting of Hugo's later novel Les Travailleurs de la Mer (Toilers of the Sea). A "Guernsey-man" also makes an appearance in chapter 91 of Herman Melville's Moby-Dick. The annual "Muratti", the inter-island footballmatch, is considered the sporting event of the year, although, due to broadcast coverage, it no longer attracts the crowds of spectators, travelling between the islands, that it did during the twentieth century. Cricket is popular in the Channel Islands. The Je...

    A number of islands in the English Channel are part of France. Among these are Bréhat, Île de Batz, Chausey, Tatihou and the Îles Saint-Marcouf. The Isle of Wight, which is part of England, lies just off the coast of Great Britain, between the Channel and the Solent.

    Ellis, F H (1937), "The Great Rebellion – Parliamentary invasion", Annual Bulletin of la Société Jersiaise – Republished "This is the eighth part of a 54-page article". The Great Rebellion – Parlia...
    Hamlin, John F. "No 'Safe Haven': Military Aviation in the Channel Islands 1939–1945" Air Enthusiast, No. 83, September/October 1999, pp. 6–15 ISSN 0143-5450
    Lemprière, Raoul (1970), Portrait of the Channel Islands, London: Hale, ISBN 0-7091-1541-5
  8. 海峡群岛 - 维基百科,自由的百科全书

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    933年,海峡島嶼併入諾曼地公國之中。1066年,诺曼底公爵征服者威廉入侵並征服英格蘭,成了英格蘭國王。從1204年起,英格蘭國王因為英法百年戰爭失去了諾曼地大陸部分的土地。這意味著海峽群島從諾曼地公國中分離出來而受英格蘭國王的統治。 這兩個行政區從十三世紀晚期起便分開治理。對這些島嶼不熟悉的人可能以為這些島嶼屬於同一個行政單位。事實上這兩個行政區上通常擁有各自的機構,共同的機構反而是例外的現象。這兩個行政區沒有共同的法律、共同的選舉、共同的代表(雖然它們的政治人物常常互相溝通)。這兩個行政區也沒有共同的報紙或廣播電台,但是有一個共同的電視台——Channel Television。 海峽群島曾從北美殖民地當中獲取了商業以及政治的利益。海峽群島的人民也在十七世紀開始介入紐芬蘭島的漁業。在1640年代,英王查理二世賜給予喬治·卡特瑞特(英语:George Carteret)(George Carteret)總督之職,並且在北美殖民地當中,給予了相當大的土地,他立刻命名為新澤西,現在為美國的紐澤西州。 在第二次世界大戰的時候,海峽群島是唯一被德軍所佔領的英國領土。在1940年到1945年納粹佔領期間,整個海峽群島混亂不堪;一些居民被派到歐陸當奴隸劳工,澤西的犹太人居民則被送到集中營。岛上的游擊隊則不斷地反抗與報復,德軍也向岛上派遣了奴隸劳工(主要來自俄羅斯與東歐)來興建碉堡。 英國皇家海軍不斷的封鎖海峽群島的補給線,尤其是在1944年的諾曼第戰役當中,封鎖得更為嚴重。在強烈的協調下,紅十字會的人道救援可以將物資運送到海峽群島,其主要的考慮原因是在德軍的5年佔領下,島上的物資已經嚴重缺乏,而人民也非常地飢餓。1945年德国战败后英国收回了海峡群岛。

    海峽群島中有人居住的島嶼有澤西島(Jersey)、根息島(Guernsey)、奧爾德尼島(Alderney)、薩克島(Sark)、赫姆島(Herm,主要島嶼群)、Jethou、Brecqhou (Brechou)、 Lihou等等。這些島與除了澤西島以外都屬於根息行政區。Minquiers及Ecréhous這兩群無人居住的小島則屬於澤西行政區。Burhou則位在Alderney的旁邊。通常,較大的島嶼名稱帶有-ry的後綴,較小的島嶼名稱帶有-hou的後綴。這可能是由古北歐語的ey及holmer分別演變而來的。

    自從1960年代以來,觀光旅遊是海峽群島最主要的產業(除此之外還有一些農業)。根息的園藝與溫室的活動比澤西還要顯著,跟澤西比起來,根息一直維持著發展輕工業來刺激經濟,而澤西自1980年代以來,以依靠金融來維持經濟。 海峽群島的兩個行政區各自發行自己的鈔票與硬幣,可以跟英國的英鎊自由的兌換,英鎊與澤西鎊與根息鎊的匯率為1:1:1。

    Channel Islands. 大英百科全書 5(11th ed.). 1911.
    States of Alderney Archived2012-03-26 at WebCite
    States of Guernsey (页面存档备份,存于互联网档案馆)
    States of Jersey (页面存档备份,存于互联网档案馆)
  9. jersey中文(繁體)翻譯:劍橋詞典

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    jersey翻譯:衣服, 針織緊身襯衣, (體育運動隊隊員穿的)運動衫, 布料, 細而柔軟的布料, 澤西島(位於英吉利海峽,是海峽群島中最大的島嶼), 澤西牛(一種產優質奶的淺棕色

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    Gracie Barra Channel Islands is at GracieBarra Jersey. Yesterday at 6:45 AM ·. New Grey/Black belt in the House 💥 awesome work Denis 👏 #graciebarrakids #jerseyci #graciebarrajersey #graciebarra #jiujitsuforeveryone #keepingthelegacyalive ...

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