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  1. 2024年5月24日 · 娛樂設備. 不少豪華商務 MPV 行走中港兩地,車程會較長,所以車內的娛樂設備便十分重要。 例如 凌志 LEXUS LM 便在中排座椅前配備 48 吋大屏幕,配合 Mark Levinson 音響系統,提供優質的視聽娛樂。 5. 安全系統. 豪華商務 MPV 的安全系統,相信比性能表現更重要。 除留意安全氣袋數目,近年 不少新車也加入主動式安全系統 ,例如主動式煞車輔助、行車線保持及盲點輔助系統等,有助安全保護車內乘客。 老闆車 2024|10款豪華商務 MPV. 汽油| 豐田 Toyota Alphard 、 Vellfire. 稱霸本地豪華商務 MPV 市場多年的豐田 Toyota Alphard 及 Vellfire 系列,來到第四代,外形同樣各有不同風格。

    • 香港九龍觀塘鴻圖道1號37樓15-20室
    • 3113 2112
    • The Hong Kong Car Show
    • Formula E Racing
    • Chater Road Classic Car Show
    • Gold Coast Motor Festival
    • Protecting Your Investment

    Event info Late in each year, auto enthusiasts from all over Hong Kong and the great Asia-Pacific region gather at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre in Wan Chai for this export celebrating all things auto! Never ones to rest on their laurels, the organizers of the Hong Kong Car Show go the extra mile each year to make sure that they ar...

    Event info Quickly becoming a yearly tradition for the city, the Hong Kong E-Prix has been the opening event of each year’s Formula E racing season. Due to the popularity the event experienced at first, this event has now been expanded into multiple races for people to enjoy, as fully electric race cars speed around a makeshift race track that is c...

    Event info Hong Kong’s Classic Car Club hosts this annual event that is an excellent opportunity for Hong Kong Island-based car lovers to show off their classic cars, as well as see vintage vehicles presented by their comrades. The event has been around for generations and is one of the social events of the year for local auto enthusiasts. Who it’s...

    Event info If you love classic cars, but don’t necessarily care for the hustle and bustle of the most urban parts of Hong Kong, you’re in luck. The New Territories is home to a classic car show of its own! Head on up to the area in Tuen Mun known as the Gold Coast at the right time of the year and you can find the Gold Coast Motor Festival, which i...

    Now that you know where to go to revel in your passion for automobiles, we should remind you that, even though you may love cars for the fun of it, each vehicle purchase you make can be a significant investment of your funds, not to mention your time and general enjoyment of life. For this reason, it’s important to protect your car(s) with the best...

    • Unit 15-20, 37/F, One Hung To Road, Kwun Tong, Kowloon, Hong Kong
    • 3113 1331
  2. 2023年11月29日 · 視聽娛樂方面由 JBL 15 聲道提供,後排設有 14 吋熒幕,並可連接 HDMI。 車重 2,855 kg 的 Alphard HEV 油耗為 16.3 km/L,相當出色。 本田 Honda JAZZ e:HEV RS. 油耗表現達到 34.1km/L,相比汽油版本多近一倍。

  3. 2020年4月15日 · In Hong Kong, many car enthusiasts like to modify their automobiles to improve their performance and look. Vehicle modification is more common in the West such as Europe and the United States. Some drivers may add turbochargers to boost the engine, while others upgrade their suspension to adjust the height of the ride.

  4. 2023年10月31日 · 12款熱門家庭七人車推薦2024|6個選購考慮要點|七人車駕駛要點. 作者: Kwiksure 團隊 分享: 七人車向來是香港最熱門車款之一,幾乎每個品牌都會引入七人車來港。. 不過買七人車,不是一個人的事,是一家人的事。. 除講求操控外,車內空間大小、乘坐感及設備 ...

  5. 2023年11月29日 · 比較考試內容、收費價錢及地址. 整合 20 種司機扣分違例事項. 完整違例事項可參閱「 運輸署違例駕駛記分制度下的違例事項 」網頁。 順帶一提,坊間一般所講的違例駕駛「扣分」其實並不正確,因為司機駕駛者並沒有預設特定分數被「扣」。 正確名稱應為違例駕駛「記分」制度。 扣分制點運作? 扣滿 8/10/15 分有乜後果? 當司機交通違例便會被扣分,上限是 15 分,扣到指定分數時就會有以下情況: 扣幾多分會停牌? 要停幾耐? 當兩年內被記滿 15 分或以上,法庭可以取消司機持有或領取駕駛執照的資格。 首次停牌被取消資格,為期 3 個月,日以後如有再犯,則會被停牌取消資格 6 個月。 法庭會先以平郵將傳票寄到司機於運輸署的登記地址。 如司機未有如期應訊,法庭會再以掛號郵遞將傳票寄給司機。

  6. 2023年12月28日 · 設計簡約. 適合不同用途,無論是長途旅程抑或上班都適合. 引擎由 125 c.c. 到 1,300 c.c. 座椅高度平均. 可增配額外的儲物空間. 包括電單車車袋. 通常具有小巧的擾流設計. 可更換座椅. 適合新手. 本田 Honda CB750 Hornet. 全新設計的鑽石形鋼管車架只重 16.6kg,搭載 41mm Showa 倒立式前叉,引擎馬力輸出達 91.7 ps。 座位高度為 795mm,座墊採用前後高低分離的設計。 可選擇 Standard、Sport 及 Rain 駕駛模式及提供一款自訂駕駛模式。 川崎 Kawasaki Z650RS. Z650RS 以 Z650 為靈感的車型,淚滴型油缸、炮彈型指針錶板及仿鋼線輪圈等,復古味道濃厚,座高為 800 mm。