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    虹萱(本名:露絲瑪莉.凡登布魯克,法語: Rosemary Vandenbroucke,1981年9月18日 - ),亞歐混血兒,生於法國南部,香港 模特兒和影星,2006年開始加入歌手及時裝設計師行列,她首張全唱專輯《In My Dreams》於2006年2月8日推出。

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    • 5英尺9英寸(1.75米)
    • Rosemary Vandenbroucke, 1981年9月18日(39歲), 法國
  2. Rosemary Vandenbroucke - Wikipedia


    Singer, model, actress, yoga instructor. Spouse (s) Jason Swamy. Rosemary Vandenbroucke ( Chinese: 虹萱; pinyin: Hóng Xuān; Jyutping: hung4 hyun1; born September 18, 1981) is a French -born model, singer, actress, and certified yoga instructor. ...

  3. Rosemarie Bowe - Wikipedia

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    Bowe was born Rose Marie Bowe on September 17, 1932, in Butte, Montana, the youngest child of Dennis and Ruby Bowe. Bowe's father was a building contractor and her mother was a dress designer. She had an older sister, Claire (maternal grandmother of actor Taran Killam), and a brother, Sidney. The family moved to Tacoma, Washington, when Bowe was a child. She was raised Lutheran. As a teenager, she worked as a model in Seattle. She was a 1950 graduate of Stadium High School in Tacoma, Washington, where she was active in theater and dance, and graduated in 1950. The same year, Bowe won the "Miss Tacoma" beauty contest.In 1951, she was one of six finalists in competition for queen of the Home Show and Building Exposition in Los Angeles, California. Bowe briefly attended Tacoma Community Collegebefore moving to Los Angeles.

    Modeling work

    She was crowned Miss Tacoma and Miss Montana in 1950. In May 1951, Bowe competed in a contest to choose the queen of the sixth annual Home Show and Building Exposition. Along with Mary Ellen Nichols, she was a runner-upto the contest winner, Linda Peterson. In 1951, Bowe traveled with her mother to Los Angeles, California, to see her brother Sidney off to the military during the Korean War. "Washington is very much like London," Bowe reflected in an interview. "Kinda gloomy, dark skies, unles...

    Acting career

    Bowe moved to Hollywood in 1950. In 1952, a court approved her seven-year contract with film agent Charles K. Feldman. When his production plans stalled, she obtained a contract with Columbia Pictures. She was trained in dramatic acting by Benno Schneider. Her early experience as an entertainer included performing as a singer and dancer in amateur musicals. Early in her career, she used the name Laura Bowe. As a screen debutante, Bowe appeared in Lovely To Look At (1952) with Kathryn Grayson...

    On January 23, 1956, Bowe married Robert Stack in Beverly Hills Lutheran Church. The couple became the parents of a daughter, Elizabeth Langford Stack, on January 20, 1957.They shared mutual passions for the outdoors, especially sailing and riding. Rosemarie temporarily gave up her career when her children were young. In October 1969, Bowe was in an automobile accident in Sacramento, California, and sustained serious internal injuries. She crashed into a concrete culvert because of a mechanical failure in the rental car she was driving. Kathleen Lund, the wife of Art Lund, was killed in the accident. At the time, Stack was filming The Name of the Game. He chartered a flight to be with her. Art Lund filed a $750,000 wrongful deathsuit, alleging Stack was driving at an "excessive speed" during the accident. Bowe died on January 20, 2019. Her son, Charles Robert Stack, is a retired investment banker. Her nephew David Boweis also an actor.

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  4. 父母離婚 老竇逼遷 美國直擊Rosemary毒海沉淪哀歌 (詳盡版) 現年二十八歲的名模Rosemary,上周日在美國黑岩沙漠參加「燒人祭」狂歡派對時,因涉嫌藏毒被捕。. 怎料禍不單行,保釋後翌日,她駕車途經雷諾市時,又因撞毀當地著名地標後不顧而去,令她再度被捕,現正 ...

  5. Rosemary (given name) - Wikipedia


    Rosemary Forsyth (born 1943), Canadian-born American actress and model Rosemary Frankau (1933-2017), British actress Rosemary Georgeson , Coast Salish and Sahtu Dene filmmaker and multi-media artist

    • australia
    • Combination of Rose and Mary or the plant named rosemary.
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  7. Rosemary Jane Model, Biography, age, height, boyfriend, dating, wiki


    13/11/2017 · Wiki and Facts: Rosemary Jane is America-Based Model and she gains fame through her work in the modelling field. According to her wiki, Jane has accomplished in different photographic activities throughout her career. Jane mostly used to share ...

  8. 迷迭香 - 維基百科,自由的百科全書

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    多年生常綠小灌木。迷迭香的品種依植株的形狀可以分為二大類型,一類是主幹向上生長的直立型,另一類為枝條橫向生長的匍匐型,直立型的種類植株高度可以生長至1.5公尺高。 迷迭香的葉子對生,針狀革質,長2-4公分,寬0.2-0.5公分。葉面綠色;葉背白色,長有濃密的短綿毛。夏季開唇形花,輪生於葉腋中,顏色有白色、粉紅色、紫色及藍色。 1. 植株 2. 葉 3. 花 4. 迷迭香 - 圖盧茲博物館標本 5. 迷迭香 6. 大的迷迭香


    迷迭香性喜溫暖氣候,但台灣平地高溫期生長緩慢,冬季沒有寒流的氣溫較適合它的生長,水分供應方面由於迷迭香葉片本身就屬於革質,較能耐旱,因此栽種的土壤以富含砂質使能排水良好較有利於生長發育,值得注意的是迷迭香生長緩慢,這也意味着它的再生能力不強,修剪採收時就必須要特別小心,尤其老枝木質化的速度很快,一下子太過分的強剪常常導致植株無法再發芽,比較安全的作法是每次修剪時不要剪超過枝條長度的一半。 迷迭香能適應炎熱的天氣,日照充足、施肥恰當、良好通風,都能生長良好。在春秋兩季皆可自行分株扦插,剪下約五至十公分不等的迷迭香,其底端泡水約半日,其後去除下方約2至3公分的葉子,若在下方沾些許發根粉,成功率將提高,約一至兩週就會發根良好。 水插繁殖任何時候都可以進行,適合新手與沒空照顧澆水的人,非常方便,且成功率達75%以上。只要摘下頂芽約7到10公分,底部兩三節泡自來水,葉子完全不用摘,一兩天換水一次即可。枝條發芽有快有慢,沒爛掉變黑還翠綠就會持續長,還可以當桌面小盆栽用。

    (英文)Rosemary List of Chemicals (Dr. Duke's)
    (英文)medicinal use: botanical.com
    (英文)medicinal dosage and precautions: healthcomm.com
    (英文)Antimicrobial benefits of rosemary and sageScientist Live
  9. Rosemary Torri: Age, Wiki, Trivia, and Biography | FilmiFeed


    Rosemary Torri started her career as a model and ventured into the showbiz industry. She is one of the popular actresses in the world of cinema. She is best known for her appearance on Dark Odyssey.

    • Female
    • Actress
  10. 阿曼達·斯特朗 - 維基百科,自由的百科全書


    阿曼達·斯特朗(Amanda Alix Strang,1980年1月21日-),華文傳媒通稱Amanda S.,2019年1月起中文姓名為龍玥心,法國模特兒,父為法國商人,母為台灣人,在香港出道。曾在台灣、印度、法國居住,留學美國波士頓主修商業及經濟。後來在香港被發掘,獲邀在化妝品 ...

  11. Rosemary Winters | Resident Evil Wiki | Fandom


    Rosemary "Rose" Winters(ローズマリー・ウィンターズ,Rōzumarī Wintāzu?) is an American superhuman. The daughter of mutants Ethan and Mia Winters, Winters' body was comprised entirely of Mold, which was replicating human DNA. Following her

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