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  1. 如已於big big channel 或Think Big網頁註冊了TVB會員賬戶的用戶,則可直接使用該賬戶及密碼登入。. Hello! The new TVB membership - TVB member ID has been launched on tvb.com, users can login with this new TVB member ID to access to more TVB online ...

  2. 10/6/2021 · Voice 4》中的「黃金時間組」升級! 第一季「沈大植」白成鉉回歸,姜昇潤將以新面孔登場! 韓劇 2021年6月10日 星期四08:00 Yuan 29

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    Voice 4》( 朝鮮語: 보이스 4 ),為tvN於2021年6月18日起播出的金土連續劇,由《捉迷藏》、《偉大的Show》的申勇輝導演與《Voice》系列電視劇的馬珍媛編劇合作打造。此劇講述死守住犯罪現場黃金時間的112舉報中心隊員們,將在韓國最有名的觀光地濟州島(實際劇 ...

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    超級巨聲Super Voice演唱會 19:00-22:00 2010年9月18日 翡翠台及高清翡翠台 20:30-23:00 2010年9月17日起 (逢星期五) J2及翡翠台 第一、二屆 與巨聲幫同行 J2:23:55-00:00 翡翠台:02:05-02:10 2010年9月26日 翡翠台及高清翡翠台 第二屆 巨聲同學會 22:00 ...

  5. This 4 year old little girl from Mizoram sings like a champ, she is a champ of course no doubt about it. When we were doing reaction shes got 4.4 m views and...

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  6. 12/11/2020 · Voice 4》要來啦!2017年開播的韓劇《Voice》,第四季也確定將於2021年上映,《Voice 4》劇情一樣以「112舉報中心隊員」為主軸,並加入全新的案件與角色。更在日前傳出《Voice 4》男主角將有望由宋承憲搭檔三季女主角李荷娜主演!

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    보이스 4, Voice Season 4, Voice 2021 R 14 episodes Genres Thriller & Suspense, Crime & Mystery Cast Song Seung Heon, Lee Ha Na Ep. 1 Watchlist Subtitles English, Arabic, Bosnian and 14 more Subs By Silent Voices About Episodes Subtitle ...

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    声入人心男团Super Vocal的成员蔡程昱、仝卓、高天鹤和鞠红川,在《声入人心》节目中就展现过各自的音乐实力和特色。“金色高音”是蔡程昱的“杀手锏”,音色华丽又不失细腻情感的处…

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    Super 4 is essentially a crossover story which combines disparate Playmobil toy worlds of fairies, pirates, medieval knights, scientists, robots, dinosaurs and aliens, by depicting them as inhabiting neighbouring islands in an amorphous ocean.The titular "Super 4" are Alex, a medieval prince, Ruby, a pirate, Twinkle, a fairy, and Gene, a scientist, who along with Alien, a cute bunny rabbit, are united in being exiles from their respective worlds who have banded together to have adventures, fight villains and save their worlds from calamities. The series starts with the heroes already established as a team of adventurers who travel about in Gene's shape-shifting vehicle, the Chameleon, with their exploits related in an episodic story style. Later their back-stories are revealed via a series of 4-part origins stories. The first of these story arcs, Ruby Queen of the Seas, relates how Ruby ran away from the pirate world of Gunpowder Island after being told that as a girl she couldn't b...

    The heroes

    Note: Kingsland is called "Médiévalia'" in the original French version and occasionally in the English version too.

    Other characters

    Note: Doctor X is referred to as "Professor X" in some episodes, whilst the Black Baron is frequently called "the Dark Baron" or simply "the Baron".

    The first 13 episodes have an instrumental theme tune, whilst episodes 14-52 have a theme song with English lyrics.

    Common Sense Mediagave the series a generally positive write up, describing it as "an entertaining CGI series ... multiple settings and themed characters make for some fun crossover plots." They also felt it offered positive role models: "Friendship and a common goal unite the heroes despite their very different personalities ... the heroes stand up to villains at every opportunity, putting themselves in harm's way for others." However they also had some criticisms, notably that "some female characters (including one of the heroes) come off as fairly dim at times" and cautioned that "Parents need to know that Super 4 ... doubles as a lengthy commercial for Playmobil toys". Regarding the target demographic they said "parents ... will enjoy the show nearly as much (as their children), thanks to witty writing." Writing for the website Geek Dad, Jamie Greene said "My kids (3 and 6) were riveted to the screener episode we were sent." However, like the Common Sense Media reviewer he had m...

    In 2015, the following Playmobilsets associated with the TV series were released. 1. Sharkbeard Play Set - Includes Sharkbeard. Released on June 4, 2015. 2. Skyjet Play Set - Includes a Technopolis technician. Released on June 4, 2015. 3. Pirate Cave Play Set - Includes a pirate. Released on June 4, 2015. 4. Black Colossus Play Set - Includes Black Colossus. Released on June 4, 2015. 5. Cleano Robot Play Set - Includes Cleano Robot and Sharkbeard. Released on August 4, 2015. 6. Royal Guard Sir Ulf Play Set - Includes Royal Guard Sir Ulf. Released on August 4, 2015. 7. Jousting Ripan Guardian of The Black Baron Play Set - Includes Jousting Ripan, Guardian of the Black Baron and a horse. Released on August 4, 2015. 8. Lost Island with Alien Raptor Play Set - Includes an explorer, a raptor and an alien. Released on August 4, 2015. 9. Doctor X Play Set - Includes Doctor X. Released on August 4, 2015. 10. Musical Flower Tower with Twinkle Play Set - Includes Twinkle, a fairy and a Unicor...

    Super 4 at the Deutsche Synchronkartei[permanent dead link]
    Super 4 at IMDb
  10. În sezonul 9 "X Factor", prima ediție a probei de duel, trupa Super 4 a cântat melodia "Grande Amore".Vezi momentul integral aici: https://a1.ro/1039371#XFac...

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